Bryant Park

Urban Parks and Open Space

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By Alexander Garvin, Gayle Berens, Christopher B. Leinberger, Martin J. Rosen, Steven Fader, Peter Harnik, Terry Jill Lassar, and David Mulvihill.

Produced by the Urban Land Institute in cooperation with The Trust for Public Land, this book offers practical, cost-effective strategies for creating urban park and open spaces. Illustrated in full color, the 225 page book describes how successful parks and open space projects contribute to a community's economy and quality of life. Fifteen case studies reveal how communities across the country have envisioned, funded, and created these spaces. 

The success of the Bryant Park's renovation and renewal is in part the product of the work and ideas of remarkable authors. This is one book that championed the ideas on which we have built Bryant Park's management, or that dedicated some of its content to Bryant Park. 

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