• Winter Village Tote Bag
  • Winter Village Tote Bag
  • Winter Village Tote Bag
  • Winter Village Tote Bag
  • Winter Village Tote Bag

Winter Village Tote Bag



Carry a piece of Winter Village all year round with a keepsake tote bag made from retired Bank of America Winter Village banners that surrounded the skating rink. Previously in use on the rink’s audio and light towers, the banners were recycled and made into an exclusive set of totes. Made of vinyl mesh, these large totes aren’t just visually striking, they are also tough enough for all your weekend shopping.

Each bag features a different design. Select the print that appeals to you most – a smiling face, Winter Village text, or an abstract pattern. Please be aware that the bag you receive may not be exactly what is pictured, rather it will have the same type of design. Contact if you’d like to receive a photo of the bag you will be sent prior to shipping.

A message from Urban Samaritan:

By purchasing this product, you are helping both the environment and our homeless and in-need neighbors who recycled this banner by turning it into a tote. The profits from the sale of this product go to support the park that donated the banner cover and the homeless in New York. 

Dimensions: 21” x 14.5” x 5.5”
Vinyl mesh
Made in the U.S.

Free shipping within the contiguous United States on orders of $100 or more, excluding vintage furniture and signs. Returns and exchanges not accepted. Contact for more information.